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YEEEES Finally rank 1 in CW Warrior's Hall~~

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    gratz, you also had a clear win


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      gz for the win. pretty cool imo
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        Originally posted by kimwong View Post
        well low population isn't a good thing our sylph atoll boss most of time even not having 10 teams for lucky chests....
        You can fix that. Make more teams of 2 players instead of putting 4 friends together. You might get a little less gold but you get a chance at last hit, which is what we all want. The problem is greedy people always want to be first so stack teams.
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          congratz kim, and its so nice to get runs done, and get people with whom you can run. i strugle everyday to try and get a team together for di and kill 4 lvs if lucky (217k br) and other runs if i get em ok, if not thats it, since our high people ignore us, and do runs with only em together, rarely( once every few days/weeks ) helps others. and good luck in killing lv 30 necro if not already done it. still stuck on lv 23 myself)


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            yay passed necro 30 today~

            my stat under full buff + WC free trial:

            Click image for larger version

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            not yet cast a 3rd delphic, just used 2 delphic and the boss died XD
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