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Please lower or remove guild member fee

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  • Please lower or remove guild member fee

    The idea of guild member fee upkeep is very brutal and unfair.
    The upkeep cost is too high for those small guilds who like to keep their guild small and family-like.
    And this is also a total discouragement for members to contribute because we know it's going for nothing but just to keep the guild alive.

    Please remove or lower the fee

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    Its only brutal for smaller alliances. The bigger alliances with more active members have no problem keeping guild wealth to pay the fees.

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      the fee is extremely low and its only weekly no issues or concerns with it
      giving game one last chance :

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        its really based on your guild I know I can keep my guild funded for the fee by my self I make over 15 million gold a week which = 15,000+ for the guild if I gave it all to the guild and before you say I'm a huge cash player, no I'm not huge cash spender only spend money on socket rods and vip and some crypt keys.