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Event Exchange and Class Wars

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  • Event Exchange and Class Wars

    Already posted my concern on the class wars thread, but I thought I should also probably voice it in the suggestions and feedback, since that's exactly what it is - feedback. Players have already grown frustrated over the lack of updates to the glory shop. Now, an opportunity is finally presented that we could have capitalized on, by using the glory crystals we earned in class wars to purchase the spirit yeti mount and exchange for event items that we could use...UNLESS we have already unlocked the mount?! If we've already unlocked it, we can't purchase the mount again...but we can get it again...if it drops as a reward from wheel of prosperity. I'd love to see a response from a moderator as to why this is the case...oh, I'm sure there'll be plenty of responses regarding this being the case as another way of "R2 making money," or another way it "favors the cashers," which it certainly seems to do. I'll go as far as to go ahead and say that I do spend for events from time to time, and like everyone else, it doesn't always work out in my favor because I don't always get the best rewards. This could have been an opportunity for everyone to benefit.

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    Don't forget that mount cards are available in duplicate from events. How many times have people ended up with 2, 3 or more of the same card.
    Recently they have actually added in an exchange for duplicate mount cards obtained in this way

    I suppose R2 will come out with an excuse along the lines of "Purchasing a mount card and winning a mount card have different guidelines"


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      -_- u have all item in cw why keep playing :P on that event