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  • Ideas.

    The cost for marriage - make ppl able to split the cost....

    If I lag - the monster on the other side has to lag too.. Not always how it is.. so pls fix the lag or make the monsters lag too.

    Married ppl able to join eachother when farming in wilds and here I mean on other players. Also share atempts. If i dont use all 5 attempts that day - he can get mine and verse visa.

    Use bulk on whips in stable... come on thats one we need.

    The gold need in the game is ridicolous at times... so either throw in some place we can gain mills of gold or cut some of the prices where we need gold. Or make us able to store it and keep it safe from farming.

    Underground gives skills - cool. Love it... HOWEVER do not love getting the same skill over and over.. so some able to trade that skill into some other skill... that would be real nice.
    That will be Mrs Ice. Proud female part of the Ice couple on S67 /Kabam