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is this an error

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  • is this an error

    i was using the skill calculator and in order for blessed light to level up to 2/2, the requirements are:

    1) santoria lv 3
    2)purification lv 3

    ok the purification branch is ok..... but for santoria i noticed that, a lv 3 santoria requires a lv 3 healing empowerment

    but healing empowerement goes to lv 2 at max, but when i added a point to make restoration lv 3 then santoria was able to level up to 2/2

    so in conclusion is this an error that should have said lv 3 restoration is a requirement or is it a serious error where as the calculator is acually robbing us of a potential skill point please let me know i need it for calculations
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    restoration lv3 is required for suntoria lv3


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      I do see what you're talking about, and I'll have it looked into. So far the skill calculator lets you go ahead and level up Suntoria to Level 3 even though Healing Empowerment is at Level 2. Most likely the Skill Calc just needs the requirement description for Suntoria fixed to display the correct info, but I'll make sure we very which is correct before making any changes. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
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        the same thing goes for meteoric destroyer, i can level it up to max even if i dont meet the requirement of castinador to lv 2
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