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    I've been told by some friends that you had an event where everyone could exchange their lvl 55 PVP Armor for lvl 60 PVE Armor. It would be great if you do this event again! very helpfull for every new server

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    We did have one of these events before. However, with rare events like these, we never know if/when they will return or not. its nice to hope for the best and plan for the worst. Just hang in there and keep your fingers crossed!
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      I do remember that event, which allowed me to exchange lvl35 pvp Set for lvl40(non legendary )and lvl45 set for lvl50 ( legendary). I'd love to see it coming out again, was a good event indeed.
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        TBH the 60 pve set is a huge waste of time. Since xp was nerfed and it's impossible to max hs for level in the 60s anymore it makes sense to camp in the 50s until your br is good enough for LL nm then speed level to 70. Even before the nerf the 60 set was just a speed bump that slowed down player growth. I personally went from the 55 set to the 70 and now at lvl 80 my br is 40-60k higher than those that wasted time on the 60 pve.

        And for those saying it's cash it took me 6-8 months longer to reach vip9 than the players I compare myself to.