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  • cross gb

    So our next group we fight has gone from 890k br to 1.4 mill br. and Incase they don't know u can add people not on original roster. I was under the impression that that wasn't to be. But last gb sure enough one guy who left 1 guild joined another played and got rewards. So how is this fair? Instead of playing a guild in iron that was possible were playing a guild with 30 of top 50 players since they mergeded. This should be fast and not fun. Either way rules stated that no one could join after cross gb started so why is this not inforced and set so they cant?

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    do you mean from 8.9 m to 14 m?

    and yes most of the guilds i encountered had 3-4 m br more than in the rankings. Guess this is the new fashion


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      I was looking at the rules for you, and I hope that what is listed here can help quell your concerns and answer your questions. I am sorry I can't be of a wider range of assistance but I can only go on what information I have at hand.
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        mid of csgb.. someone left the previous guild and joined a stronger one, is it cheating or is it allowed?
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          Why would more guilds join an iron group guild? LOL just stupid.