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    Dear All Magister....

    Can u make a split menu for material ? like gems, etc. (for exchample how many we can exchange that material, like "use in bulk")
    probably a lot of people needed that menu, including myself...

    frankly .... I am of the event gems; got 93 pcs gems lv 6, and it is very much needed gold for exchange to others gems.
    So if there is a menu split / use in bulk, we can split more easily to swap with others.

    Hopefully be an input for next maintenance....

    Thank you for your attentions...

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    There is a split option on the bottom of your inventory. Click image for larger version

Name:	Image3.jpg
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ID:	1699641 That's where the button can be located. The split works like this, you click the object, put the number in the box and then drag it to a new inventory slot: Click image for larger version

Name:	331j.jpg
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ID:	1699642 And then when you go to the Blacksmith for conversion,
    you will see this: Click image for larger version

Name:	3132134j.jpg
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ID:	1699643

    So is this what you were referencing to? If not can you give me a clearer explanation so I can help you? if I explained what was on your mind, woot... cookies for all!
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      You can't split from the blacksmit screen. It's just inconvenient to close blacksmith, open inventory, do the split, re open blacksmith, change to convert tab...the best thing would be a way to convert a partial stack, like use in bulk, or synthesize.
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