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    Dear devs, if it seems to be so easy to incorporate a "Hide Players" button in the game for certain events like Atoll Bosses, then what is such a huge problem about offering that button permanently in game situations in which a lot of players happen to be in the same place, i.e. in atoll, in World Boss, and in Amethyst Mine?

    The "Hide Players" button in Cloud City and for Sylph Atoll Bosses is much appreciated, but since it seems to be no big deal at all from a programming point of view, could you please be as kind as to give us the option to hide players in other crowded game situations too?
    Whiners gotta whine...

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    I think a "hide players" or "block players" button is a great idea! But, there hasn't been anything officially put into the works as far as we've been told.


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      One more agree, but this is suggested too many times and hasn't been introduced. I hope they will do something about this...


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        I can understand not hiding players in PVP situations like amethyst mine, but letting us hide them in World Boss for instance would be a great help. Lets be honest, who cares to see players there?
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