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Are there Servers / Regions - Ahead of R2 patches

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  • Are there Servers / Regions - Ahead of R2 patches

    Hi simple question, are there any other publishers for wartune who are ahead of R2 in terms of patches, besides CHINA.

    I checked OAS Servers in Turkey they seem to be where we are, if not slightly behind.

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    I'm sure if r2 knew, they wouldn't b allowed to comment. If we knew, not even sure we could reply, as wouldn't that involve posting an outside link? Apart from China, I personally havent seen any.
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      Hi, As far as i know, it depends on the individual publishers on which updates they get and when, so they do not always get them in the same order, if this is indeed correct it would be possible for one to be ahead in one thing and behind in others.


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        brazil is slightly ahead i believe
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