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Timings and why they are an essential part of the game.

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  • Timings and why they are an essential part of the game.

    Hey guys! I figured i would come on here and contribute. This isn't new to some of you, but a lot also don't know about it. What am I talking about? Timing. It is everything. To maximize your efficiency in battle, you must master your timings. Some of you may suffer from lag, and for that i am sorry, but you need to figure out a way to compensate.

    Did you know that your number one button is something that compliments your basic attack? What does that mean? It means that if you don't press anything, you will do a basic auto attack. The animation for which causes a pause in the game that you can use to charge your primary rage building attack. (your number 1 button) Why is this important? Well for two reasons. One, it lets you get an extra attack in, and two, it builds rage faster.

    I'll give you an example of an order i use when i first start in a battle.

    As the screen is loading, i spam the number 1 button. This takes advantage of load time and allows you to prime a spell. After that spell is finished, the turn resets. After that, if you allow your auto attack to function, then IMMEDIATELY when you see the animation for it press your 1 button, you will get an extra attack prepped and charged. This is a tremendous advantage as it gives you the initiative.

    You can do this after every major action you take. For example, i play mage. As a mage if i do this tactic then cast say Rain of Fire for example, after i'm through rain of fire, i can then use the next turn to do the trick.

    If you do this in boss fights, you will get an extra attack in before the boss kills you. If you do this in arena, i promise you will see a huge difference.

    Now, another thing that is key: Don't be lazy.
    Do not under any circumstance allow there to be any sort of gap between attacks unless performing this trick. If your timer has a delay like lightning bolt, then allow the auto attack to perform and then cast lightning bolt after. Spamming lightning bolt wastes time, and eventually loses you a round of attack.

    Hope this helps!

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    a video on youtube sounds nice marduh

    i try find combo system skill wartune on youtube but i find nothing.

    can you make one for me


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      from what i understand, this is called "double hit" which many people has discussed on forum and there are guides on how to do it. I haven't seen a double hit done in arena/group arena, interested in that part, you mind putting up a video of it working in arena?
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        Unfortunately i don't have the capacity to youtube it, but trust me, it does work. I haven't been able to play with the level 35 set yet, so i'm not sure of the best combination of moves to open with. Assuming no rage at start though the best opener for a mage is to do the following:

        Immediately cast bolt as screen loads
        wait for the auto attack
        As the auto attack animation is going off, quickly press bolt

        The result generates an extra half turn to full turn for you, depending on how well you time your bolt off your auto attack. This can play a vital role in generating a victory. I was playing around with the double attack and noticed on the boss tonight that if you do a 2 count before activating a QTE skill, you can also generate another attack on a longer casting spell. For example, what i was using was level 2 meteor shower.

        I did the opener above, then did a 2 count before quickly activating meteor's QTE. The result was another extra hit (total of 6 hits) on the boss. Because of the amount of damage that the QTE version of meteor was doing, i was able to do more damage.

        I can do this and gather screen shots probably tomorrow. I wish i could render something for youtube, but alas i don't think i have that capability on this computer unfortunately.


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          this "double hit" thing apparently dun work in those scenarios whereby AI are not meant to intervene.

          So far only the crypts / bg NPCs / campaigns allow you to double hit.

          Theoreotically, it should not work with non AI environment because there's thing in IT called the 3 way handshake.

          You pass data to the server, the server sends data to this fool, this fool response.

          just my 2cents.
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            It does work in arena, i can confirm it. I know that's spotty cause i have no proof, but if you take my word for it and try it out you'll see. You gain the "initiative" as i call it and reset the turn to your favor. Basically think of it as moving first in chess.