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  • Returning player needing advice

    I am back after taking a 9 month hiatus from this game. I am currently level 70 and 84k br unbuffed. My question is, would it be a bad idea to take kyanite with my remaining event items rather than the divinity shards. I know most would say take the divinity but currently the kyanite would be a huge boost.

    My advanced academy is all at 40 and I have a blue 4 star Apollo, and purple Gaia. I'm also a light casher so I will only spend about $30 a month. I Cannot beat 1-5 yet so I have no tear income.

    So.. take 1.3m kyanite, or 100 divinity shards... that is the question.

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    i would go for divinity shard
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      Depends on if u want to refine hades/apollo or not.

      Kyanite is free divinity shards are not. Well you can get some for free but not the 500 you need in any reasonable length of time.

      given your budget, I would not refine a a hades or apollo. You would still need 400 shards, which will cost a few hundred dollars assuming you don't get lucky and land a seal.


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        take divinity shards and here is why. You can apply the following to a lot of other things.

        When you are on the fence between doing two things, the best way to approach it is to ask yourself, how easy it is to obtain those two things. If one can be obtained on a daily basis while one is only obtained through less common events or even rare events, then always go for the resource that is rare to get.

        In your case, you can get a lot of kyanite through the game, via farm, plunders, wild hunt,'s very easy these days to get daily kyanite. It's tougher, especially for a lower BR player to get divinity shards. So go with the shards mate.

        My opinion only of course....


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          you'll need divinity shards also for get in future zeus (2nd refine of gaia). but we still not know nothing. only future sylphs refined.
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            Thank you for your replies everyone. The only reason kyanite is even in consideration is because of how behind I currently am. So it was more of a future investment versus immediate benefit perspective. I plan to evolve my Gaia first, but I understand investing for the future.

            All comments and tips are appreciated.