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Paid for another's VIP

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  • Paid for another's VIP

    I made the mistake of paying for another player's VIP. My mistake, I know...... However I need to cancel the VIP but the email account needs to be verified and the player won't verify their email so I can.

    I tried doing it through my bank but cannot without messing up my own account.

    How do I get it canceled? I know I'm not stuck paying for the jerk's VIP forever.
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    This is one reason why logging into other people's accounts is not something you want to be doing. You can't send in a ticket or you open up that whole can of worms.

    If you paid with PayPal, log into PayPal, find the 7.99 entry, click on Details, then View Billing Agreement, and finally, Cancel (next to Status). This will stop the subscription through PayPal.

    If you paid with a Credit Card, you will need to call your credit card company and give them the time, date, amount, and state that the payment is with R2 Game Co Limited, and request they cancel the billing agreement. This can be a hassle before everything has processed, which sometimes takes a few days to a couple weeks, depending on which card company you use- you might need to be persistent, and make sure they do not dispute the transaction by accident.

    I don't think there are any other ways to pay using a renewable source, but if you used something else, it's going to work the same way- just need to contact your payment provider and ask them to cancel the billing agreement.
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      That is why i made a suggestion to build ingame gift VIP and Balen to another player's option, but no one support it... this is one of the consecuence of not giving players the option, i know 4 players that had told me they took the same risk and had problems after that. Not having options push you to take risk (combined with foolines i know).

      I think R2 loses income for not having that option, in others games you can find many guyz gifting for many reazon, such as reward, birthday, friendness, even the dark reason of making peace in a war. But in this game i found some that say, sorry, i would gift you the balens to buy that but i cant take the risk, i've had bad exp in past.
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