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Stamina Potion at Guild Shop

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    I hafta agree with people that say "go outside, enjoy life" you can't do that at a computer. For me life always comes first. Heck, I spend $10 per week just to see my gf. However, from time to time I'd prefer just to spend my time at my comp doing whatever. For a person with a job, I dont have a whole lot of time to play, but for those days that I have off, and would prefer to play my comp (once a week) having more stam would be a godsend. Though to be blunt, I think 20 cont is too low. Consider this: Make stam pots available in guild shop for 50 to 100 cont, AND in the shop for 25 balens. The whole concept of spending real money in a f2p is to get a competitive advantage. That's what makes spending on an f2p worth it. So, what if you made it available in both places? You'd still give spenders that competitive edge by not forcing them to choose between guild skills and xp, while at the same time allowing those that dont spend money and have time to level the playing field (in terms of char lvl). AND if you charge some decent amount in guild shop while making it somewhat cheap in shop, you rake in dough, cuz lets face it, if it's affordable to stack to a spender, where do you think they're going to go? Yah, r-2 gets paid. Just consider how much r-2 and its affiliates are missing out on by not making stam pots available (again at a REASONABLE price) in the shop. Again, I must re-iderate GET OUTSIDE!!! However, in that once a week, it'd be nice to just sit back and rake in the xp. It really would. (Oh and I'm not financially stable enough to be a big time spender, so I would have to choose between leveling and guild skills.)