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New game? This game design only for europe ppl??? Unfair game.....

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  • New game? This game design only for europe ppl??? Unfair game.....

    I am really disappointing with the battleground time (server time 20.00 & 20.35), that time in east Asia is around 3-4 a clock in the morning. and only happen twice daily, people just need to get good equipment with the insignias only few hour a day, then in 2-3 weeks time their equipment already very good. But how in the Asia country? i am online from 8 AM (server time 1 AM) to 11 PM (server time 16 PM) everyday (15 hours daily) for 2 weeks only can collect insignias around 200 Pieces through quest.

    With the good equipment in Arena Shop, they can easily finish FORGOTTEN CATACOMBS level 50 above, because of the minimum rage boost +30, people can direct use MAGIC SKILL and easily kill people/monster. so people in Asia, You need OVERTIME every morning to get yours equipment.

    New game right? people already can finish FORGOTTEN CATACOMBS level 70.. how about in 1 month time? 2 month time???

    Minimum rage +30 & ignore enemy magic defense by 1000, what ever you do in ASTRAL, ACADEMY, GEMS,.. or any other thing is USELESS. This rare items should be get in FORGOTTEN CATACOMBS, instead of in ARENA, need synthesize, by collect crypt coin.

    VIP... is also sucks, VIP wheel only produce items that you can buy in FARM SHOP.

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    Actually there has recently been a server opened for Oceanic GMT+8 timezone. The details are located here on this thread
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    If you want a guide or a reference (stats) just pm me and I will be happy to make on for you.
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      Thank you for the reply virtue_sigil, do i need to start all over again? now my level is 37.


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        Originally posted by R23999737 View Post
        Thank you for the reply virtue_sigil, do i need to start all over again? now my level is 37.
        don't worry ur level is a low level its not biggie starting all over again
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          If you want to play on a different server, you'll need to create a new character on that server and start over. On the bright side, the servers are brand new, so you won't be very far behind everyone. Or, you can wait until the next GMT +8 server opens and see if you can stay on the top of the ranks. It's not always a bad thing to start over, since you know what you're doing now and can use what you learned to make your character even better.
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