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  • Some developer suggestions

    1. Would it be possible to have the 50 dungeon take 2 MP dungeon attempts but double the exp you gain. Level 45 and 50 MP dungeon takes a little too long to do and is no longer fun. Make it a bit harder and give better drops but for the price of 2 attempts used instead of 1. I'd rather do two 1 hour dungeons than 5 30 minute dungeons everyday.

    2. It has also been suggested time and time again to make Socket drills available to non-balens user. I myself buy balens but would like to see more competition and having socket drills is an unfair advantage. It may not be extremely advantageous but it is still an unfair advantage over non-cashers. Make it available for 2k vouchers, that way it would take time for players to save for it and since the balens users can also buy them for vouchers it wouldnt ruin the market. You should focus on making everything that's available to cashers available to non cashers as well.

    3. I hope you have something in the works regarding avatars. Most if not all gamers want to stand out. Having a hundred players looking exactly the same is not appealing. I hardly doubt it would be hard to make more face/hair options or even color scheme choices for the gear. It's bad enough that there are no actual choices in gears since it's just one set per tier.

    4. Create unique or rare drops that players may look forward to. Those accessories we got from the balens initial charge are a good example. Putting gear like that in catacombs/mp dungeons would greatly increase player response and would give lowbies/midbies the chance to compete with the top players. The way this game is designed, the strong players keep getting a lot stronger, take for example arena. I get 500k gold and daru more than everyone else every 3 days, take into consideration the world boss and you'd easily see the advantage I'm getting. Put a little luck into the mix and the other players like me on top wouldn't be so lonely. There's no point in being strong if you got no one to actually compete with. You can also put in drops that have expiration periods.

    5. Please keep us updated with the guild wars patch as well since we are all looking forward to that.

    6. The chat system needs to get fixed. There should be a way to customize the chat you receive per tab. Getting flooded with system messages isn't fun.

    7. The friend messenger system needs a fix as well, make it work like the guild tabs where you can see friends according to level/online/name/class. This should also be added to mp dungeon and arena invite system. It's difficult sorting through 200 people.

    8. The wilds is an excellent feature in the game and we got a few suggestions that would make it better.
    a. An event that would make players go to the wilds. That way guilds can bash it out in the wilds while waiting. I heard a player suggest that plundering should be made into an event. an hour or two of guarding your city and having guildmates guard your cities would be great. Of course the rewards should be increase else no one would really enjoy doing it.
    b. A wilds map would be great or even the option of searching a player's coordinates would be great as well.
    c. Castle defenses should be made as well. Maybe more research options in academy to make your castle stronger against plunder attacks.
    d. It would be cool if the castle icon changes appearance as you upgrade it. Level 1-20 could have like a hamlet icon, 21-30 a small town, 31-40 a city, 41-50 a castle. VIPs can have the unique castle icon.
    e. It would also be cool if the castle gets a ruined icon when you plunder it. Gives players a sense of accomplishment as they plunder and more reason to stay in wilds to guard.
    f. A system chat message similar to battlegrounds in the wilds would also be great. Announcement in the wilds that x player was killed by y player. It adds flavor to the game.
    g. A random mini boss respawning in the wilds would also be great. They could spawn once an hour dropping decent loots/gold or daru.

    These are the suggestions I've collected so far from players and I know the Wartune dev team are concerned with the way their game is going and how they can make it better.

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    What about every 10 dungeons add one MP attempt? What would you say, guys?


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      R2Games is always trying to improve their website platform and their supporting games. We will make certain to look into your idea.