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just a few suggestions and ideas

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  • just a few suggestions and ideas

    First off im aware this server survives off of cashers and so forth but it would be nice to add more noncasher events. im from server 514 tower of poison recently merged with some real cashers 200k br lvl 70s and there is no way to catch them unless we cash which ruins our purpose of non cashers.

    Going off of that , you can add br related rooms , battle ground , arena etc based off br so we dont get over powered 14/15 attempts .

    wild shop helps and is fun and useful tool yet, there is a limited amount of stones we can get perday . i would suggest to raise the drop rate of stones or increase the monster count so we can collect more mystery stones. because more often than not when refreshing with daru and that rare comes up its usually out of the stone range we have . im also aware the shop runs on a lot of other resources but ive only seen the rares priced by stones not insignias or daru etc

    other then that this merge has created a decent amount of lag , it takes a while to load into battle ground , world boss , slyph boss , etc all this flash is causing my player to crash as well . so thats something they can work on . i think the server would appreciate that

    just a few ideas and suggestions i hope you take into consideration . exsort
    Ill Always Be Here