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troop speciality

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  • troop speciality

    Well new troop specialty is not worth it i got the p attack speciality its adds 1 percent of my troops attack to me my troops attack is 4700 1 percent of that is 47 for one million daru. to up grade that to 2 percent which will add another 47 attack could cost up to 5 million daru is it worth it?

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    Complain to me when you get the 1% of hp bull ****. *** is 47 hp going to do for me? Upgraded to lvl 10 it will prob give me 10% of troop hp so an amazing 470 hp....oh la la

    On the flip side, it could have been worse. You could have got the 1% of troop hp to magic att and not been a mage

    All in all, this new troop ability really looks like it sucks and will not be worth the daru to upgrade it.


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      Just remember that it all adds up.

      Note that the research values in Academy is actually lower. Each level adds only 8 PDef/MDef, 20 HP, etc. But it all adds up.

      Or maybe there's white, green, blue, purple, Gold specialty?


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        well my current troop att at the moment is roughly 5400k

        at 10% that is 540 extra attack on my attack stat,

        if i can get my troops attack to 6000k then i can get 600 added to my attack, that's worth about x3 yellow astral upgrades (astro lv3)


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          all in all it doesn't sound worth it until maybe when troops are in the 60 plus range with tons of academy upgrades
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            well it's better than nothing & it's something to do with the extra daru you may have until waiting for the next troops to be added to the game.

            if you don't want attack you could add def insterad but yes it's going to cost approx 35m+ daru