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Cross Server Guild Points Expire 11-5

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    Originally posted by JeffExtreme View Post
    Hahaha so everyone who ran to the top guild expecting to get a ton of king's seals did not because they ended up in the Iron group. Love it.
    that's how cross-server GB supposed to be I would say, united is power

    if you want to stay at your lovely guild but not as strong as others, that's your choice, at the same time you shouldn't request for the TOP reward cuz you choose this
    SERVER: Kong Server 4 Oceanic (others see us as Kong-S6)
    IGN: Kimwong
    CLASS: Knight
    PLAYER TYPE: Light casher
    BATTLE RATING: 300K - 420K range
    Casual playing now, not gonna spend too much time


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      I have seen a few of you all confused about how the rankings worked for this. It was all explained right Here! So if you want a clearer picture of how it all went down and why you may have earned less then expected check out that thread and good luck in the next battle.

      *goes back to polishing her battle weapons hehe*

      And Zeak42, thank you!
      Originally Posted by Zeak42 View Post
      You likely got 29th in the IRON group, which equates to over all rank of 53= 29+ 24 where the 24 is for the ones 24 total guilds making up the other three groups. This mistake happened to my guild as well, we got 16th, but it was 16th in IRON GROUP, so 40th over all. Hope that clears things up for you.
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        Originally posted by Mentor_Magik View Post
        Please be sure you are all spending those Kings Seal points and soon. The expiration date is fast upon us: [ATTACH=CONFIG]112453[/ATTACH]
        Do not let your self be caught off guard and lose out on your hard earned rewards, spend those points right away!
        A system message like that would be more useful than like getting a level 3 gem or found treasure ect
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