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atoll boss

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  • atoll boss

    always less players stay doing ab and always more stay waiting last hit. so no one gain last rewards for not enough teams , 4-6h of ab like this night AND 0 stoves for a player with 220k br !!!!

    and who have done all had 2 really weak players 1 medium (nothing of special) ad 1 strong heavy casher .

    i need :
    1 sleep
    2) a time for this ab and not every 6h his die
    3) 1 ab and with more rewards
    4) no ab with others events enabled

    i've played 20m of ab and done only 2,45% . no one would do ab and i've get 0 stoves for gain only 300k gold....

    and uff, i ould sleep, eat , have a life.

    in future i'll do really alone ab if we continue to have this system...

    edit: i think is better have ab solo and not party, no time (ab all day) , ab in every atoll so we can choose which do (we need a teleport and not these useless scroll not permanent).

    last ab was started to 1am and ended to 5:15 am . also in 4 h and 15 m ppl with 47k br not do over 40 stoves and me in 20m 0 stoves. is ABSURD!

    and now 2 on 4 ab not give bb chest because few ppl do ab. soon all ab will not do bb.
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    every hero has his hamster!