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    Originally posted by R2sucksbad View Post
    you'll never get Kong players to do this because they get a higher percentage of bonus kreds for bigger recharges. It translates to 16% more balens as most of us know.
    You still flamming kong servers over there bonus kreds? lol I'll give +1 for persistence at least


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      Originally posted by Fherlayt View Post
      The game is very addictive. So yes, usually when someone says: "I quit if this or that not happens.." he wont. Quitters do it silently. .

      I disagree on the quiting part... my server lost the top 18 players at the same time and they even said for weeks in advance they were going to quit over r2s lack of customer service...then the yahoo disaster happened and another 10 or so left after being very vocal...I left with them and played there other games but came back they havent
      all of these players were cashers and top of the server they didn't go quietly they told the server and r2 fix the problems and of corse r2 doesn't so they all left and went to others games /retirement.
      I like the game so came back like you state addictive
      But I do know one event probably wont make people quit its the multitudes of r2s suck customer service that chases players off at some point.