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    Can't we go back to the old BG. where you are in with more similar lvl's I am no where near an 80 and that is all I get in BG is 80's.

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    Battlegrounds have a level bracketing system As far as I know the brackets are as follows:
    lvl.30-39, lvl.35-44, lvl.40-49, lvl.45-54, lvl.50-59, lvl.55-64, lvl.60-69, lvl.65-74, lvl.70-80

    So if you are level 70.. You can fall into the low battle ground or the high one.. and being in that high one can be a little intimidating. You can always "escape" and wait the five minute timer and try to get into a better one, but there's no guarantee such will happen.
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