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    Originally posted by TheGuardingDark View Post
    I can't answer that. I'm a forum moderator, who is informing you of your misconception regarding the rules.
    Not to be overly contrary, but the ToS can say that one is only allowed to play if they're white, or Christian or not homeless. It doesn't mean it's legal to do so.

    People with R.A. for example... Forcing then to manually click a stationary button over 15,000 times is actually illegal when there is an automated alternative available at no cost to you, and that gives no unfair advantage. You are violating the Disabled Protected Class under the Disabilities Act of 1990. It doesn't apply to just Employment and Public Places. It applies to any endeavor where the Disabled are unfairly treated. Some cruise lines have lost civil cases based on this that cost them ten of millions - and they thought they weren't vulnerable to it because they operate in international waters. Wrong

    For Wartune / R2Games / Proficient City to not be vulnerable to legal action, they would have to prove that using an auto-clicker for the purpose of a limited-resource collection event somehow gives an advantage over manual collection. Which it doesn't. Their machines are hosted in the US, and they collect US funds - meaning they're actionable under US laws.

    Just saying.

    It's really awful that people have been banned for this, and you - as a moderator for R2Games / Wartune, should be more vocal in creating positive change, as opposed to enforcing arbitrary policy.


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      I have over 650 000 SC now gonna just take runestones next time to many sc for wanna exchange for gold :P
      Character - Taggen
      Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
      Class - Archer
      Battle Rating -2.4M BR
      Slyph - Orange Electro, Light, Dark
      Highest CW ranking - 26th


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        yeah better to put "collect all" to make it easy and quick ...