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  • no more inventory space

    I was wondering if r2 can do the players a big favor, Could you either bring the vouchers back so we can use it on inventory space? or Could you reduce the price on the inventory space? vouchers was easy to get, but not everyone had enough to unlock all 3 page of inventory, Bound balens is not easy to get, and also we can you bound balens to buy others stuff. so we wont be saving it to unlock inventory space. With all these SC, gem and mount whip events and our mail is over filled, For me i was only able to unlock about 1 and 1/2 page of inventory, before the conversation from voucher to bound balens. With today mount whip my mail is over filled and cant do anything about it, i won't be able to do to gem event because 1. no space to open all 49+ page of gem packs, 2. by the time the event comes I wont have enough gold to convert. more events and more new things, that r2 come up with, is making hard to keep anything in the inventory. I would like to unlock them,but $101 just to do that, and i dont think it is really worth it. It wont help my br rise any higher. I would rather spend money on the event items then unlocking the inventory space. I like wartune, its fun and entertaining, i woundn't mind spending money once a while. If you be great if r2 take this as considering, Either let us use vouchers on somethings or reduce the price. If i remember correctly right now is the same price as it was with vouchers. What i learn is that, bound balens was lesser than vouchers, i would be great if r2 could reduce it to about that ratio.