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black armor cloth

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  • black armor cloth

    why is it we dont get the cloth like on the picture i feel discriminated by sex i want the purple

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    Hi, I am not sure what you are referring to when you say "black cloth like on the picture", are you referring to something in wartune or have you possibly stumbled into the wrong forum? If you are talking about wartune you may need to post a screenshot of what you are referring to so you can get some feedback, if the game isn't wartune please reply as to what game so that i can poke someone to move your post to the proper forum.


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      but the white looks much cooler especially on female knights
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        i mean the cloth in candy event they are said to be dark armor the picture is off a purple colored cloth and when i exchanged 30 candy's it turnt out to be a white dress and yes its for a female knight but why is there a diffrence normaly its just a difference in style not in color i wanted the purple but nah im female give them a white dress. thats what i call sexual discimination. if you have to get that stu[pid dress than let it show in the discription or otherwise let us choose or own. we are capable enough to choose on or own.


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          Hello again, this is why there is a "TRY ON" function you can use before you exchange for your clothing. (So you can see what it looks like before you get it) The male and female clothing are almost always a little different.


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            it was for holloween tell me what is the dress for haloween cloth ...its not lol