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  • Inventory rows price

    hallo R2 and other who creates us horrible situations.

    since the cost for opening new rows in inventory is abstractly expensive and we all who didn't had a possibillity to open it with vouchers when that was possible, now have great problems to free slots for items we receive by exiting from guilds and moving items to mail.
    I had 2 times a problem when moving items back to inv from mail about disapearing of the items after taking them from the mail and as I see im not the only one here.

    So im asking, low down the price for opening rows and I (think all players will agree with me) will gladly spend some balens to open new spaces. Make it for example 100 balens for a row and you will get your balens for that. As is now I see that nobody plans to invest in that his money since 20 people exits the guild on daily basis.

    Like that you will get your money and in the way that is now you want get not even a half of balen to open row. So now calculate, how much rows isn't open, and how much players on how much servers will do that for lets say 100b/row just to have less ****** with mind by guild exiting and keeping items in mail.

    And do something with that soul crystals, I'm full with engraving and have 500K more with whom I cant do anything. change rewards at least to something else we can use an play this game without just transfering whole days those blocking items around and loosing (stealing from game) usefull items.

    Best regards

    lets calculate a minimum, 100 balens row, 100 players on 1 server, 20 rows to open, 100 servers...
    100 x 100 x 20 x 100 = just about 20 million balens spent

    Correct me if im wrong in calculation but this number doesnt seems to be something not worthy, now if we look that 100 balens is 1$ we come to amount od 200.000$ just for stupid inventory row opening. I know that a lot of people will use bound balens if all this comes alive but R2 and other, its your decision will you do it for 100 balens row and will it be for bound or unbound balens only.

    So R2 if you dont need that money, dont do it. We will go on like this, exit from guilds and save items in mail.
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    thats a good plan if they just going to decrease the price of the inventory slot for 100 balens (bound/unbound) ..
    that would be a big help for us ..