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SC/Whips/Gems: redeem multiplied prizes in Hot Event

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  • SC/Whips/Gems: redeem multiplied prizes in Hot Event

    Instead of making us click 1000+ times on the same button till our fingers are sore or tempt us to use an autoclicker and risk being banned from the game...

    ... why don't you devs implement more than a single Collect button and set multiplied prizes of the same item? (especially because I have yet to find a Bulk Collect button anywhere)


    During the last (and atm still ongoing) MW event, we had something like this:
    • Use 5 Whips to obtain -> 1 Whip, 2 Gem Packs, 20 SC

    Next time, they could add 3 more buttons, such as:
    • Use 50 Whips to obtain -> 10 Whips, 20 Gem Packs, 200 SC
    • Use 500 Whips to obtain -> 100 Whips, 200 Gem Packs, 2000 SC
    • Use 5000 Whips to obtain -> 1000 Whips, 2000 Gem Packs, 20000 SC

    Or something similar. This could be used for both Mount Whips and SC events (maybe even with gems, but I doubt people handle thousands of gems at the same time, so I would think about it).

    The above method would grant us the ability to get the same prizes in less time and with less clicks. Personally, I'd be a little bit happier. Just sayin'...

    Take care! Ciao!

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    asked, hoped, waited... perhaps next time ;(
    RETIRED. Too much bugs, too time consuming, too few listening from Wartune
    Wartune : NonoBoulot : S181 : Archer


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      I was about to make the same suggestion Giordano probably easier to the developers to do that then the collect all buttons and very annoying
      Please R2 do something about it, it's a waste of time for us who can't play 12 hours per day

      Hope to see a solution on next event