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remove ab or change system

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  • remove ab or change system

    not is possible see a 145k br in autoshoots in my party when i've 239k br.

    yesterday 1 ppl have left the my party for go in a better party in ranking.

    yesterday a player should choose if i played with he or i could go in a party that they have invited me. he is gone in this damn party without tell me nothing and for 20 minutes he have pmed to me without play with me (i have created a new party).

    after he have left the his party but not was come in my and have told to me childish.

    i'm really p issed , but really many that ab not is long like before: 5 minutes. was really better.

    ppl are really unfair and do play also the 45k br and these noobs gain 44 stoves while me 0. true he have played for 2 hours me for 20 minutes. but normally he'll never gain 44 stoves with a party 45k br and me 0 stoves in 20 minutes in a party 239k br.

    put a damn time, put a spam system like in wb (15 minutes before and in screen).

    give an option when we are afk like for example in cultivation and receive a permanent message and visible cd ab.

    why i should play in a party? in wb i'm 3rd-4th , while in ab 3rd-4th (9th-16th places). ppl spam to me for be added in my party and 80% are only spam! ppl not read nothing. not was better play solo and in 5 minutes?

    put cd respawn to 30 secs. i never come in time near to ab neither if is close to me.
    atoll boss is really done bad! players do always less atoll boss .

    if continue to be so, not was better removed? at least i could be quite and not see ppl so selfish. i can't play with who is a 200k br. not is fair with who i could invite in my party and have a similar br and also with me.
    every hero has his hamster!