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Hall of fame Question

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  • Hall of fame Question

    As the title says, want to obtain more information about the BR update system. It states that hall of fame will be till 11/27, so do i have to keep consistent BR? What if i gain a chunk of br on last day or day before the event end, or it goes by "x" amount ?

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    I'm pretty sure it takes the highest br you have gotten during event (without pots/blessing etc counted) dont quote me though .
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      no hof is about the br you get at the end, the last reset will count as br.

      you can go up a lot in the last week, no probs.

      also make a screenshot of br and buffs with it, just in case


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        At the end of the event they will run a script that will calculate your BR for HOF.
        The end is after/during 27th maintenance ...


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          Idk what will happen this time but last HoF, I think another publisher gave a specific time on when BRs would be recorded and that was when players over there boosted.


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            Originally posted by R2_Helen View Post
            1. Battle Ratings increased by buffs using items such as potion/scroll do not count towards the BR calculation; the final BR calculation (with extra BR bonus excluded as mentioned above) is based on the backend real-time data when the event ends.
            I believe this answers your question?
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