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Matk+Patk?Does Matk make sylph better?

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  • Matk+Patk?Does Matk make sylph better?

    I have both Matk+pen and Patk+pen astrals on , and im a kight. Question is if that penetration does much good and if the Matk helps a knight in any way, Like makes sylph better or withstands matk better, or is it a waste of astral slot to have Matk+pen astral on as a Knight?? Plz tell me if u think its useless or im on to something here?


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    only the pen on pisces astral helps.... matk on knights and archers is totally useless, unless u need that bit of br for HoF
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      high penetration lowers opponent block rate, so your choice to pick it or not

      myself won't waste a slot for this
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