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    For people who have $ / Bandwidth Plans, Wartune is CRAZY expensive. The stream for wartune in an event like CSGB is > 500k/s. You're talking over an hour-long period that 1.8 Gb of Bandwidth is being eaten. And the lack of a stable cache makes it worse. In monitoring my daily net-use by domain, in a typical Sunday I had this as my top-3 sites:

    3. 104 MB ->
    2. 540 MB -> (I have 3 Fantasy Football Leagues, running all day, live scoring)
    1. 6.7 GB -> (This was about 5 hours of login time w/ about 6 or 7 refreshes)

    That's right, 6.7 Gb in a day. That's ridiculous. That means if R2Games has 10000 users logged on for say, 8 hours, they're generating about 67 TERRABYTES of net traffic a day.

    A lot of that is due to an awfully optimized data stream as well as a complete lack of cache preservation.


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      I am not going to let this thread die!
      East coast archer.