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    [Of course just a suggestion. I would like to see another location added to the wilds map for higher players to go. So far it's only set to lvl 60 players. Much higher and stronger players have no where else to go. Except to sit in Erandel and plunder or harvest the weaker players.
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    I think this is a great suggestion actually. As it is, Erandel is set for all players level 51+ and it does get a little bit cramped with the smaller people having no choice but to retreat to the most basic of maps. I hope they will consider this
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      Yeah with better mine, better chest and usefull things in wild
      Then we will ask for a good HoF, DF back in Skytrial, and a decent gameplay evrywhere, R2 beeing fair with us?

      It's a nice idea, like most of the idea player suggest, but we can't see any of them, so it will never happend (or if it will, it's not cause we ask for, but cause it was planned in futur patches ^^)
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        That seems a bit whiney don't you think?

        I would just like to move on from Erandel and be able to kill different things in the wilds. Same old thing gets old after a while. That is the point of the patches isn't it?
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