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  • Event chests

    Dose it make any difrents if you open them as you get them or in a bunch like 30 chest at a time. I was told to open in buchs and you have better drop chance anyone elce hear this ?

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    To be honest, I have tried it both ways and gotten good things ni the past and no luck in the past... I have even tried doing the hokey pokey and blowing out a match.. nothing really has a better chance of anything else. The luck is the same for all across the board.. despite some seeing to have gobs of better luck then others (me included grr!) so I must confess that opening boxes is random and you have an equal chance whether its 1 or 100 at a time. Good Luck!
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      Think its fully random though some people believes that opening large amounts of boxes help and others open them as soon they have a couple, idk.
      Anyways IMO its fully random
      East coast archer.


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        usually i had better luck openening a lot of chests at once, however last event i got the mount from a free chest in the last day... It is fully random in my opinion


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          i open in bulk, it's exciting for me that way and i got good things with that. not gonna change the way of opening in any way if it goes well right?

          technically it shouldn't matter, just pick an option which makes you feel the least miserable when you get nothing useful:P


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            Don't think it actually makes much difference to be honest.

            The good thing with opening in bulk is that you get everything at once, so it "looks" like your rewards are better. You will remember getting 200 mahra in 1 hit better than you will remember receiving 10mahra at 20 different intervals.


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              i Have gotten mount cards opening 200 and NO mount opening 200. I have gotten mount cards opening 1. Pure random.