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    Use every day only for get rewards, no more...
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      well i only synthed one level 5 today
      got enough for all the rewards because i had left over gems from previous event

      the rewards are good anyway
      i dont mind missing out on a little bit of rewards for the next event
      i'll be getting guardian rune level 9, and thats going to help me a lot between now and next event, if they have one
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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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        Not synthing any. Don't want to have to plan out how to not oversynth 5+ (if it's possible). Moreover, sything one 5-8 a day isn't going to change my BR...and I have lots of sc waiting to be exchanged for runes already.


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          Originally posted by ancev View Post
          To make 3xlevel 8 gems you need 144 level 5 gems. Considering that you get additional gems from event, you need less then 96 (too lazy to calculate exactly). Your math skills need improving.
          that laziness tho lol
          having lag? in-game problems? JUST BUY MORE BALENS


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            I'm doing everyday for rewards. Last day, I'm doing the rest. I need the inventory space and I want all lvl 10 gems regardless


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              I did this event since I need the runestones to get my heal rune to lvl 8. Its meh but whatever, still got a lot more gems plus gem packs that havent been opened yet. Its not like most of you are going to quit anyway
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