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  • Short wartune tips

    The goal of the game is pretty much by doing and getting stuff as soon as you can,as high as you can,as much as you can so good luck(you'll need it)
    Its a game so you can play it for fun or to be the best(Zebq style)
    smooth game experience-get latest version of the plugins(adobe flash,shockwave,macromedia),wartune miniclient,clear cache/cookies,use a better broswer and avoid multitasking
    As a free player prepare to get your *** kicked by casher(mostly and especially in PVP)inorder to at least survive especially with cash related stuff ,you maximise on events and the mini games,hoard and hoard stuff,use the virtue of patience and persistence.You can apply other means that suite you. is a good example of a free player who practically made in wartune(advanced L80 and stuff 220k++BR).Quiting is a tough decision
    To the DEVs or R2 or whatever the game is seriously bugged(some are really annoying and frustrating) and the nerfing of classes.You can fix it but i dont think so
    Wartune is like a community so you can help one another
    The question on class choice....find one that suites you or try something new for a change
    Some good blogs are like in facebook or ofcourse wartune forum aka whinners forum
    Chinese wartune-7
    Currently L55 knight on my deathbed
    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
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    The golden rule in wartune
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    nobody has ever called this the "whinners" forum
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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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      Originally posted by Brutal_Hobo View Post
      nobody has ever called this the "whinners" forum
      But it kinda is lol.


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        I don't understand.... so a good tip is to play for 18 months,emorage then quit?
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