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gem event Cupcake up

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    Cupcakes are delicious, easy to carry, so it is good

    So, making the events cupcaked means good too. Too much bday cakes and pizzas are bad. We need diet to be good.


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      Originally posted by R29016091 View Post
      Slow the lawyerly roll there dude... 90% of the problems people complain about in game derive themselves from failure of reading comprehension. That similar events have been run in the past in no way guarantees or represents any warranty that they'll be exactly the same in the future. Moreover, any time legal cowboys like you want bring up suing the operator of a MMO because of some change they made in game you look ridiculous. Whether it's Warcraft or FFXI or AION or whatever is current these operators all stipulate that agreeing to play the games also means you understand they can change anything at anytime.

      So far as talking about intellectual property and china... that's a dead end bash as I'm not even sure what you're getting at, much less the relevance to the issue at hand. It's just a pandering attempt to appear intelligent and self righteous that falls flat and instead makes you appear ignorant.

      TL; DR. The guy I quoted needs more cupcakes, and people like the OP of this thread need to learn to read. /end
      Finally, someone with a good head on their shoulders...


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