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  • new bg

    the new bg a farce you get no kills no honour nothing if your 200k br or less, at least with old bg you could collect carts, so the big guys get stronger and the little guys get used as a punch bags, in a bg today my team 150 points other team 1100 very close match up they are a waste of time unless you are 400k br so best leave to them. so this game can become eliteist then they can all play with themselves the few hundred that will remain. a very dissatisified player who will probably jack the game in if this the way the game is going . r2 wake up and smell the roses you maybe try to slow players down but you gone the wrong way about it you are making the strong players even stronger so there is no way anyone can get near them not even if they owned a bank .there are more weaker players than strong ones and the gap getting bigger all the time with every new update congrats you doing a swell job . fully dryads no kills no honour I go bed

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    this games sucks deal with it. they cant even wash theyr hads cuz they dont have them.