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    its very strange but lots of the post in this forum, i actually find very funny, from the whining, to the "other publisher"server players asking r2 to fix their problems and the rage quits and quit bluffing, and one of my favourites, the threads where people just type a paragraph in their original language in google translate and copy and paste them in the forum which sometimes leads to an unreadable thread, and of course the threads that are just seen and have no response

    dont get me wrong lot of serious issues have been discussed here, and i myself have gotten a bit frustrated here and there but choosing to get a laugh out of this forum is pretty awesome of course if you spent balens and didnt recieve it or lose in-game items like magic, those things arent funny,

    cheers to all the debates, the ragers, to the actually helpful commenters, stories of lag, casher vs non casher, crit vs will destroyer, holding lv vs not holding level, the good bye threads, class imbalance/nerf posts, the happiness and sadness each new patch brings, players making threads about the same topic over and over, mentors advising people to send tickets or read the news and events, players telling other players that the mentors dont know much.

    i hope i live to see they new year, where we will have new patches, new players, new complaints long live the forums it is amazing

    ty all happy new years in advance i look forward to a new year and i hope the forum never changes lol
    having lag? in-game problems? JUST BUY MORE BALENS

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    You get a super Plus One . I enjoy reading these forums too just because of how funny/angsty people are. I do sympathize with the actual problems ( aka cache problem, that affects me to! )
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    I play for the people, competition ended long ago except for the few people on our servers that I ignore because they are douches