u need upgrade/add some reward for this coz nothing to redeem,,,those are:

1. reward on ametys xtal . After we got mount from long time ago, we just trade it for junk,,add something new ,,u lazy corp
2. reward on sylph xtaloid. after i got mount from there, now i have 2200++ loid useless, do u want i trade it for sc/gold,,,u kidding me
3. Mount card which can get from 2k pt every week. is it useless? ofc yes
4. exchange for type transpo lv gem 9 10 11 12. some ppl got double transpo, for what ?
5. Be creative in event. EVERY MONTH u always doing same event,, i recall again EVERY MONTH. be creative man. u got so much money from player
6. About Lag, no comment
because of that ppl getting boring and quit

any other comment who want to add some ?