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  • sylph strategy

    After the sylph evolution patch, it has been great fun playing evolved sylphs. owning at least one evolved sylph is very reachable for an active player. Some players choose to focus on one while others improve somewhat equally on all sylphs. what is ur sylph story and how successful it is?

    here is mine if u interested to know:

    server s393 r2game
    server info: 1 big whale, about 10 some moderate cashers,15-20 light cashers, a number of of vip only.
    server sylph party info: mostly Gaia/Hercules main sylph, around 5 hades/Aegis(know as gaia now) main sylph, 3-5 apolo/Athena main sylph

    Main sylph: gaia-->hercules

    At the gaia (know as eve now) stage, i was focusing on gaia and gaia only all mahras and selpcrum into it. However, i was not at all competitive or sylph savvy, my sylph party struggled to get into top 20.

    After the evolution patch, i was quick and able to evolve my gaia to hercules as first few players (2nd hercules owner if my memory is right), then with some cash for sylph skills and i started to spend minimum cash started with vip. With the evolved hercules advantage, my sylph party is able to defeat a number of cashers' higher br sylph party, entering top 20 becomes much easier. My strategy remains :focusing on Hercules only as far as selpcrum goes. however, the my hercules party lost their power quickly as the other cashing players own their evovled sylphs. Mahrawise, i wasted about 500 on the purple 1 hercules until i realized i would never make it purple star 2 at my cashing capacity, so i stopped mahra invest and save them because the upgrading event first appeared. As i'm a mage, i bad need an strong iris to heal my team, so i was craving for an strong iris, then i started a long journey of iris farming, half a month time spent, over 6k iris killed in total, finally i got one from exchange. With the help from upgrade event, quickly i got it into blue star 4.

    Then, i got luck from chest, getting an free apolo. through i don't have apolo sylph, but i exchange it for monthly shards and exchanged for an purple pan and use other material quickly evolved it into medusa. this boosted my sylph party's br by quite a lot, however the blue4 iris and weak medusa doesn't make my sylph party much stronger in real battle as they both die easily with 1-hit from other players' main sylphs. Their hades/Aegis or apolo/athena are able to wipe out the 2 of them in 1 hit. so it's like Hercules fighting 3 sylph on the other side, wasting its strong attack on their weaker sylphs and the result is very disappointing.

    now, with the coming enchant and upgrade event, my plan was to make my purple iris and evolve it very soon when the star sands are enough 150 more to go, enchant my medusa and coming triton to a point where they can survive the 1-2hit from the other players main sylphs. Really wish to see the medusa's double aoe skills&blessing and triton's healing&delphic can boost the fighting strength of my sylph party as a whole so the sylph party is no longer 1-hercule's fight.

    that's about my sylphs and its history and future. how's urs? very interested to know other variations and hear players from other sylph types' perspectives

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    Exchanged an apollo seal for purple pan also , lot of people believe thats not a good move but honestly I dont want to spend money to evolve an apollo its too expensive in my opnion ( even though Athena rocks ) so I prefer the free Medusa.My sylph arena team sux but it is Hercules 55k Medusa 19k Triton 20k br
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      my sylph team is: herc, hades (soon aegis/gaia), aq

      i got lucky and got enough materials to evolve my hades soon once its purple. atm i focus seps on herc and mahra on hades, cz herc is my main and gives me more br for hof, after hof aegis will be my main, as it's more useful in sky and necro

      i chose aq over iris because i liked the dmg more i guess, that heal doesnt mean much to me and i dont really want to get skills for iris, atleast for now.

      in future content we're able to use 3 sylphs instead of troops in certain events, i'll see if i have to swap my aq (hope cerberus by the time) for iris.