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    can you please give us back the normal gem synthesizer event which we could collect as many as we want mount training whip because we need the mount training whip to make our battle rating higher and to get new mounts and it was unlimited to get as much as we can or as much as the gold let us to synthesize gems and to get mount training whip,because rally we need the mount training whip don't take this event away from us ,return it to us are great people and thank you very much.

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    I know its nice to have unlimited events, but really, this event is a half time event if you look at the schedule. The last time we had a gem event was on the 26th of October.. and not even three weeks later we had this one. This is likely one of their help the battle rating events for hall of fame since it happened so soon after the last. There is probably a chance that the fun never ending gem events will be back in time, we simply never know when, so keep an eye on the news and events forums.
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      just 1 gem event in months has been limited, there is no clear evidence this will be permanent, so dont panic yet:P