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doubt about gem transposers (lvl higher than 8)

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  • doubt about gem transposers (lvl higher than 8)


    Finally I got a transposer from necro: lvl 10 MATK. Unfortunately, I am an archer...

    so my doubt it, what is my best option?

    a) Just store it hoping for a future gem exchange event

    b) Just use it and spend gold converting gems. If I decide to do this, what is the best option:

    b1) I have tons of lvl 8 HP gems. Convert them to MATK lvl 8 gems, synth lvl 10 MATK gems, and then convert to useful PATK lvl 10 gems
    b2) Wait until I have enough lvl 6 MATK gems to creat a lvl 10 MATK gem, and then convert

    I the first option (exchanging it) is not likely to happen, then the cheapest option would be to create a lvl 10 gem (I can do it directly from lvl 5 gems, right?) and then convert

    Thanks in advanced. I am used to synth gems only up to lvl 8, so not sure how to work in higher levels when there are not available transposers...

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    Yes you can convert straight from any level to any higher level if you have the transposer scroll for it. If you go into the gem part of the black smith area you will see a craft button right next to where it says synthesize. Do not worry if it promps you to use balens, that is only if you do not have enough gems to do a straight level up. The formula used to calculate the number of gems needed is a bit complex because after level 6 you only need 3 of the previous level to synthesize and you have to factor in the other levels of that gem type you have.


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      buy transpo hp lv 9 hp, make all lv 9 then convert to lv 9 matk, make all lv 10, convert to patk lv 10.
      the end


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        Originally posted by harucko View Post
        buy transpo hp lv 9 hp, make all lv 9 then convert to lv 9 matk, make all lv 10, convert to patk lv 10.
        the end
        I guess this is the straight option. I checked the number of lvl 5 gems I need to do as Zeak told me, and its too much. I guess I will just have to do as many WB as I can and get the gold to synth all my lvl 10 gems, which would be great...


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          It is random what you can win in the necropolis and not all will be what you need or want. What I have to do is make a lot of things in the charm family and then convert over to what I want, since I have a load of those and sporadic on everything else. Don't give up though.. and while it may be gold costly.. don't look a level 'gift' ten transposer in the mouth so to speak. Those drops can be utterly miserable, and of this I speak from experience getting three of the same one in a week *grumble*
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            Exchange was just for the bugged golden road scrolls, waiting is relatively pointless, I sincerely doubt they'll put in an exchange when the way the system is now it forces you to either wait or spend spend spend spend on necro runs.


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              magik i agree with u on most of it, but the drops are anything but gifted... since a normal human being "pays" around 30 crypt keys to get a scroll... doubt ppl do necro for other reasons, unless desperate to get 10-15 more dragon souls a day (=useless)