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    hi guys , here a question ... maybe a silly one

    why do mages have heal runes ? they have so many healing skills already and still get a heal rune

    on the other hand knights dont get a guardian rune which can reduce damage up to 70%
    in my opinion if u give a mage heal rune u can give a knight a guardian rune aswell

    so it would be fair to take of heal rune from mages or give knights a guadian rune .

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    the runes are just isted as which class they are more specifically geared to. As far as I know any class can utilize any rune.


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      Why do knights have blood rune? they can put bleed effect. (joke)


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        why do mages have brutal runes? they should only heal:P
        Why have archers slow rune? they cna use df

        etc etc.

        Heal rune is basic rune every class can get, like blood, brutal chaos and rage. every class can have 2 specific runes:
        mages: purge (scatter from archer) guardian (shield compared to knight)
        archers: guardian, puri
        knights: purge and puri


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          Each class is excluded from one specific rune. Knights having two shields, are excluded from the Guardian rune, since its a shield. mages since its one of their class specials.. purify, are excluded from the purification rune. Archers, which are the cutely annoying *ducks* class, have scatter shot, as such, they are excluded from the purge rune.

          Honestly mages being a waling mana tank for healing, I have no idea why they aren't excluded from the heal, but it wouldn't be fair to exclude them from two now would it? Healing back in the day was fairly easy to get from tanks.. and was one of the more basic runes.. since then a lot more has been added, so that may be why its Purification.
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            because class knight and archer have 20% omre hp than mage