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Earn insignia trough balens

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  • Earn insignia trough balens

    GM can you put INSIGNIA in BALEN SHOP? Please? Cause im from Philippines, and we are in server 29 (bloody coliseum) and schedule of GA there is 4am in the morning and the next is 10am.. So im suggesting to put INSIGNIA in shop so everybody can afford it trough balens those who cant attend in Group arena event.. or Sell lvl 45 Arena Set in Shop so we could buy it using balens.. Please please GM.. I dont want to change my server cause i already spend some money in server 29(bloody coliseum). Hoping for your kind consideration GM. Thanks! I really love this game. =)

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    That would be stupid ! If u want get ur PvP gear u have to do something for it.
    Theres enough ADV for ballens. Close this *bad word*
    Thread pls.

    Thanks !
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      u can plant insignia on yr farm lol
      class balance ****
      cash - noncah balance ****

      so game ****? - ye

      dont choose mage, bcs mage sux class!


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        In your Language, "PARAAN AY HINDI Dam ITO kailanman mangyayari!!"
        That is the truth, not gonna happen
        Hear My Voice & FEEL MY WRATH!!

        Sarcasm is a language I am fluent in, you have been warned!


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          that would be great since the server recommendation is so retarded, seriously recommend servers across the pound!? i dont care if a server lacks players, i wanted to play on an american servers not euro one, i still manage thou since arena and bg are afternoon, voucher and sets should be available at shop and so is daru


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            If the devs wanna kill the game fast and alienate the majority of players, then yea, make it more pay2win.


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              bad idea.....closed this treath admin
              nothing further to discuss about it


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                alternative: migrate to oceanic server xD

                (though i highly recommend it if u're still below Lv40, since leveling to lv40 is pretty easy for a veteran)