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Arena and how I feel

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  • Arena and how I feel

    I have been playing these arena's for over a year now. I have to say. it has gotten to a point that i don't even wanna go in anymore. I have a battle rating of 256k and my team members do as well. For some un-godly reason. We always get matched up with players from the toknm event or players of the same battle rating as those from said event..Some of those players equaling out to 400k plus battle rating. In my opinion. You should have a matching system that works by total battle rating of group. Not to feed the ego's of the players that have dumped tons of cash. Make it fair. I don't ever go in to arena anymore feeling like it was a fair battle. the highest Battle rating on our server is 323k and he/she stands alone...most of us are way under that.. We can not compete against such players. Why are we being matched up as if we can? The lag is so so bad too. making it impossible to even stand a chance. I am sure I don't stand alone in these thoughts. I know this is like all things in the game now.."of no importance to how players feel!" However, I did feel it necessary to speak up!!!

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    so you think a team from those said tok nm player with ~400k br and 3 more of ~20k would be more fair fight vs a team of 4x115k br players?


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      lol if it was br based it would be one strong guy carrying 3 level 20 noob alts
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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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        which would make it fair cuz everyone would do it, so group arena would become real time 1v1 duels it would also make it fun


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          then campers gonna complain they face lvl 80
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