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Cross server Guild Battle

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  • Cross server Guild Battle

    Anyone has any info about next CSGB?(When it starts, until when the G.M can register our guild)...I saw this today in maint info and I;m a little confused :"The registration deadline for the Cross-Server Guild Battle event has been changed from 23:59 to 23:30 (Server Time)."
    Server: Kabam 17
    Player name: Dwarf
    Player level: 80
    Player class: Knight
    Honor title: Imperial Mythic Something
    Battle rating: 615k
    Guild name: LoonyToons

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    I agree, maybe it was a message meant for next week? Could be the case and that they already decided what next weeks maint is gonna have.
    I need a hammer to whack the BG nutcases.


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      We have not an official date just yet. I am hoping it is soon though! In the mean time, keep an eye on the news and events forums for an official announcement and lets wait, hope and see what develops.
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