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  • Atoll Boss Rewards

    I'm sure this has been said, but the rewards need to be increased below first place. Here are my 4 ideas to add:

    1) 2nd place - same as now + 5 mystery stones, 6 soul marks, 2nd place chest for 1/2 the rewards of the first place one
    2) 3rd place - same as now + 3 mystery stones, 3 soul marks, 3rd place chest for 1/2 the rewards of 2nd place.
    3) double the gold reward for group damage output.
    4) Last hit/random balen box - 4a) reduce the number of participants required or 4b) Offer a box for 100 balen with no seal if under the current minimum # of participants.

    Rewarding 3 groups is consistent with World Boss in class extra rewards so this would fall in line there.

    This will get more people interested and spread more decent rewards beyond just the top finishing group.

    Kalydia - Level 80 - 1.98k br Archer - Kabam 57 WEST
    Guild: Paradox
    Eudaemon: Eddie - Lvl 8 Oracle Mage - 1.3k br
    Syphs: 80 Herc - Flashpoint- 127k br
    80 Triton - Undertow 93k br
    80 Venus - Precision 113k br
    80 Gaia - Judgenjury
    80 Medusa - Backdraft

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    just give some rewards for everyone place 4 and lower. . everything is better then nothing. . even 1 hammer or whatever.


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      position 5+ could be get a 2 stove and 1 hammer