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Synthesizing Runes

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  • Synthesizing Runes

    Hello R2,

    Every player gets tons of runes from Duelling, Spinning etc... Runes give a whole new spin to PvP and PvM.
    The annoying thing is when you see you have lvl 1 Healing rune x11 in your backpack just sitting there never to be used. I feel selling the ones you don't need is kinda lame -.-"
    My idea is to add the option to Synthesize Runes. This could be very helpfull for players that have tons of Runes sitting in their backpacks, because they never use it.
    Example: Say I'm a lvl 44 player with 15 lvl 1 Healing Runes (never to be used again). With the 'New' option 'Synthesize Runes' I can exchange my 15 lvl 1 runes into 3 lvl 2 runes (3x 5 for 1).
    This is just a sujestion, the numbers can be adjusted.
    Tell me what you guys think of this.

    Linazz (s21),
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