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Recovery Request of my account

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    You were addicted, take this as a blessing. 7roads doesn't give a ♥♥♥ about you they just want your money.
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      Originally posted by Bossun24 View Post
      Hello everyone.
      I have spent 2 years of my life and money in wartune in a kabam server.I have done a grave mistake mistake on last Wednesday dated 19/11/12.That day i was very upset for real life problems and in that day i quarreled with my best friend and went so upset i decided to quit the game.I deleted by selling everything.My astrals,sylphs,gears,clothes guild vault and inventory and mail everything.But i regretted after that the most in my life.wartune was like my world or everything.I cried for days still crying and sad.All i want to go back to wartune and play.I was level 80 knight of br 216k.If you want i can give my all details what i had.I humbly request you all or rather beg you all please let me play again in wartune.There must be back up file .Couldn't you recover my data and let me play again.I beg you and promise or swear it won't happen again.wartune is my life.i can't think about it.I won't be able to start a new. I know what i did it's a grave mistake but i am really sorry.So i beg you please let me show a way i want to go back and play. :'( .It's server 26 Europe.account name Ashoka304bc.Please help me to live through wartune .
      I am sorry to hear you had some issues,I hope they got fixed.
      Could you please file a ticket about this and get back to me with the ticket number if you don't get a reply within 48 hours?
      Hope you get your stuff back soon,take care.