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Attempts - Getting tedious an annoying

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  • Attempts - Getting tedious an annoying

    Every time different "attempts" show up, example is catacombs (CHANGE IT BACK!! I use to run Catacombs WAY MORE than just 2), I feel the urge to quit playing this game. Seriously, I feel like I'm being limitd on how much stuff I can buy at the grocery store regardless of how much cash I have.

    Please understand the fact that when players play a game, they want to actually play it, of course games need challenges, but "attempts" is becoming really aggravating - imagine if the devs for World of Warcraft did "attempts", they'd lose at least half of their customers.
    Seriously either remove "attempts altogether or at least increase ALL attempts by 20.
    An before anyone tells me "go outside" "watch a movie" "eat lunch" or "play some other game", so sorry but this game is the only game I can play because my video card is fried (thankfully wartune doesnt require Direct 3D, otherwise there'd be no way I could play this game), an I highly doubt I'm alone on this suggestion.

    An here's the reason I finally felt the urge to send this suggestion:
    ***----> "Friend Removal Failed - Daily quota has been reached" <----***
    Hear My Voice & FEEL MY WRATH!!

    Sarcasm is a language I am fluent in, you have been warned!

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    I'm fine with limiting the amount of 'attempts'.
    It levels the playing field somewhat between the casual players, who play a few hours, and the hardcore players, who play 8+ hours.

    They had it at 3 attempts for a bit. That was probably during an event though.
    I'm content with the current 1 attempt each day.


    The friend removal is probably a system to prevent a random person from deleting everyone off your friend list.